Bush is on the Rise Again

2 min readAug 29, 2019
photo credit: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/beauty-hair/advice/a33718/what-to-expect-the-first-time-you-get-a-bikini-wax/

That’s right, ladies: our waxing days just might be over. Word has it that the clean shaven, bald vagina trend has all but gone out of style, and the natural look is back in.

Pubic hair styling trends have changed frequently throughout history, but our current obsession with the bare look came about in the 1990s, when celebrities started being open about Brazilian waxing. This frenzy for rich folks to remove all their body hair led to a now famous Sex and the City scene where Carrie Bradshaw gets a Brazilian wax (Bustle). Since then, waxing and shaving has been the a normal part of women’s hygienic routines, but now the cultural tide may be turning.

The idea that vaginas are preferable in a hairless state is a pretty recent phenomenon, and all fads change,” Cameron Diaz, The Body Book.

We still don’t fully understand what the purpose of pubic hair is. But it is widely accepted that pubic hair helps protect the vagina from dirt and bacteria, like the way eyelashes protect our eyes.

The argument that pubic hair doesn’t protect the genitals has been solidly debunked. STD’s and UTI’s are rampant in this country, pubic lice aren’t as inflictive as they once were (there are still cases reported every year, but just wash your linens and avoid having sex on junkyard mattresses and you should be fine), and it’s no secret that hair removal is painful and irritating. The simple solution would be to just leave it alone, but not everyone wants to rock the full bush look.

Despite what’s trending right now, ultimately its your body your preference. What men think and what society thinks doesn’t matter if you’re not comfortable in your own body. If you feel good with a bare downstairs, go for it. But if you want you keep a neatly maintained topiary, then this is your time!




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