How Construction Managers Can Invest in Employee Mental Health and Morale

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the global workforce was turned on its head and every aspect of the workplace was being critically examined. Specifically, employers’ methods of supporting the morale and mental health of their employees were put in the spotlight. The construction industry is no exception. For construction managers, investing in their employees’ mental health and morale on and off the building site is critical to the success of their team and building projects.

Mental Health in the Construction Industry

Research shows that mental health is a critical concern for construction workers. According to a 2020 study conducted by the Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan, nearly 83% of construction workers have struggled with mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. Many construction workers have also reported their mental health issues getting worse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Construction is assuredly a high-stress and sometimes fast-paced environment, with strict deadlines. Sometimes construction professionals have to work long hours in inclement weather conditions, all the while battling physical pain and fatigue. It is the responsibility of construction managers to compensate for these conditions as best as they can and support their workers.

Tips for Investing in Employee Mental Health and Morale

There are many ways through which construction managers can invest in the mental health and morale of their employees. Mainly, by creating a safer working environment, bringing awareness and compassion to mental and physical health issues, and providing appropriate resources to their employees. Here are some other ways that managers can help their team not only feel valued at work, but also supported to overcome any mental and physical health barriers they may be experiencing.

  • Work-Life balance: This should not just be encouraged by employers, but strictly enforced. Construction managers should encourage employees to regularly schedule doctors visits, speak to mental health professionals, and take advantage of mandatory union breaks while working on site. Provide resources for your team, detailing local medical providers covered by your team’s insurance and encourage them to prioritize their health and wellness above all else.
  • Incorporate employee feedback: Take every opportunity you can to ensure that you’re incorporating the feedback of your workers. If your team is frustrated by old tools and softwares that they have to work with, listen to them and see if you can find better alternatives and solutions. If you’re getting consistent feedback from employees about processes and procedures on a particular job site, incorporating their ideas can not only benefit the project, but also help your team to see that their input is valued.
  • Promotions and professional development: Another way to make sure your team knows that they are valued is by providing ample professional development opportunities. Show your team how they can grow within the company and/or their careers in general, and that they have your support throughout their professional journey — not just while they work for you. These professional development opportunities could include specialized trainings, educational programs, industry conferences, and networking events.
  • Appreciation and benefits: This is perhaps one of the most tangible ways to show employees their value: pay them accordingly. Advocate with upper management to provide bonuses and the best possible salaries and benefits for your employees. It is crucial that construction workers in particular, especially given the high-risk nature of the work, have access to quality medical and mental healthcare. In addition to equitable pay, appreciation for their hard work can be shown by hosting after-work happy hours or team-building events, to foster a sense of community within the team.

For construction workers in particular, it is important that managers make the conscious effort to prioritize the health and wellness of their team. If you are not sure what your team needs in order to feel supported, simply ask them. With the support of management, the construction industry can ensure that building professionals are holistically cared for and compensated for the work they do.

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